Hi! I’m Shadow!

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Hi! I’m Shadow! ?

Sniff… sniff… Is that a crumb? Sniff.. Sniff, nope just a… 

Look at that bright, shiny ball toy! It’s so soft & it makes noise! OMG! It makes noise too! This is the greatest toy ever!

Sorry, I get very distracted… Hi! I’m Shadow, the local foodie and peacemaker in the house.

Here’s a fun fact about me: I might be the only female black cat in the house, which unfortunately would make me not very adoptable if I were sadly at a shelter… But the truth is I have SO much going on for me on the inside…

I was the first kitten to befriend Ginger, the dog. In fact, she licked me when I was a baby. We wonder if that had anything to do with my dog-leaning tendencies, including my love of belly rubs! I have always loved belly rubs! I also sleep with Ginger on the bed on a nightly basis… we have a love-hate relationship ?… I am very food-motivated. I come running as soon as I hear that can open…

I have a secret… This might seem hard to believe since I’m a cat, but… (wait for it)… I’m afraid of heights. I’m not as agile, or as tiny, as my sisters, especially Pumpkin a.k.a Ninja, so you won’t find me climbing screen doors, etc. I’m extremely cautious going onto the windowsills. I’m a sweetheart at the core, but I do have one vice… I LOVE using the couch as my scratchpad… I have several cat condos and actual scratchpads, but they just don’t compare!

I also have an obsession… I LOVE office supplies, especially binder clips. I’ve never met a binder clip I didn’t like. Large or small, I don’t discriminate. 

Come closer while I whisper about this next part… I’m… a… hoarder. The linen closet door has a little gap at the bottom, so I feel it is my duty to hide all my toys and binder clips from my siblings, especially Pumpkin. She grabs all my stuff if I’m not paying attention. Sisters… can’t live with them, can’t live without them… Am I right?

Anyway, I hope you learned more about me and how amazing black cats can be! Enjoy your Caturday with your families, or your favorite binder clip! ?

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Shadow Signature

Baby Shadow
Baby Shadow
Shadow & Ginger
Shadow & Ginger
Shadow’s Belly Rub
Shadow Remote
Who doesn’t love napping with the remote?

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7 thoughts on “Hi! I’m Shadow!”

  1. I love hearing about what random items cats gravitate to for playtime. Jinx has developed an obsession with paintbrushes and makeup brushes. I have to be careful not to leave any sitting out or they will disappear the second that I turn my back.

  2. Oh Shadow, you are adorable! I can see you’ve got quite the personality. I happen to love black kitty cats, I think you’re Super Sleek & Beautiful. It’s so nice to meet you, you’re a great black cat ambassador! My dog Icy happens to love cats, she would adore you for sure.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  3. Aw, how sweet – Shadow looks so cuddly and chubby! Can’t wait to follow along as she grows into those adorable paws. I’m sure she’ll grow out of her mischief – but, don’t let it happen to fast as I’m guessing you’ll miss all that naughtiness! LOL!

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