It’s a New Day!

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Happy Caturday! ?

This Caturday holds a special meaning for us since it’s the Inaugural day of our blog. In honor of this, we will be taking turns with the blog and profiling ourselves. In customary fashion, I will go first since I am the smallest, but the mightiest! ?

I like to think of myself as the leader of the pack, since I’m the life of the party. ? I’m the first to wake up in the mornings for breakfast and the last to go to sleep at night. In between, I do a lot of playing & investigating. Wherever there’s trouble, I’ll be sure to find it, or start some just for fun. Life would be boring without climbing to the top of the fridge & spilling the tub of treats all over the floor (to help out my less-agile siblings, a.k.a Shadow). Could you imagine how dull life would be if I couldn’t climb to the top of door & window screens to make sure I had the best view? When I’m not creating chaos, I’m watching the birds or taking catnaps on my little ottoman. I LOVE catnaps! Well, I hope this gave you a little insight at my views of the world.

To read more about each of us, check out our Purrfect Pawsonality Profiles at the bottom of the homepage. Or just come back next Caturday & see who’s next on the soapbox. Meow! ?

P.S. Always remember, “Don’t Stop Hanging!

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Hugs & kisses! ?

Pumpkin a.k.a Ninja

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world. The kitties are wonderful. Yeah, cats can be quite ninja-like. However, that makes cat-proofing a home much trickier than dog-proofing.

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