Purrfect Pawsonality Profiles...


"I enjoy supervising my children and watching out for my feral friends outside."


"Who doesn't love a great nap? I take them often. I have claimed the living room ottoman for said naps. I enjoy playing with everyone - as long as I am always the winner."


"Whomever invented cuddling is a genius! I enjoy snuggles and bird-watching in my spare time. I don't have much spare time since I have to chaperone Pumpkin & my siblings constantly… they are SO much work!"


"Food is amazing! Treats are the absolute BEST & I get them often because I am such a sweetheart. ❤️ I spend a lot of time with Ginger, the dog."


"My nickname is Jasper "Bolt" because I might walk a little slowly, but I run like a lightning bolt. I am a tender-hearted gentleman and I adore the attention of my sisters. Nose kisses are awesome! ❤️"


"I am a semi-feral cat that was kindly taken in. I used to love meeting all the sweet ladies in my neighborhood, but now I've been neutered, so I've found new hobbies, like playing with catnip toys. Unfortunately, I was also recently diagnosed as FIV+… Don't worry, I don't mingle with the rest of the catpack - We are socially distant. ? "