We are 3 of the cat pack. Rusty is our Mom, and our biological siblings are Otto Jr., Rebel, and Pumpkin. We also have 2 adopted brothers: Jasper & Oreo, and an adopted canine, Ginger. Woof!

Our Mom, Rusty, arrived at our human caretakers home in the summer of 2019. About a month later, on August 3, 2019, Rusty had us 6 beautiful babies: Otto, Rebel, Brittany, Tigger, Pumpkin, and Shadow. Rebel, Otto, and Brittany were given to family members, and Tigger, Pumpkin, and Shadow have remained here with their Mom, Rusty.

Jasper, our adopted brother has neurological issues, but he doesn’t let that slow him down! Oreo is our other cat housemate/friend, who has quite a story of his own (we could be related – more on that later).

We also have a couple of feral friends who will pop-in every now and then as guest writers, so that we may all learn about their plight, and the value of cat rescue and TNR.

We hope you enjoy learning about our adventures and the history of how we all came to be as one large & adorable family! Now on with the show…