Hey! I’m Tigger!

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Hey! I’m Tigger, a.k.a. Tiggy a.k.a Tiggz. Sorry we’ve been away for a few weeks. Our human decided to rebuild our site from scratch and she finally got it done! Meanwhile, I’ve been monitoring my siblings, making sure they’re behaving themselves. I’m the calm one in the bunch… very independent. My hobbies include peace-making, bird-watching, window-watching, observing indiscretions & judging you for them, hiding, and running away from Jasper. He’s a bit much for my taste – he’s kind of obsessed with me. 

I also enjoy communicating with our feral gray cat friend who comes by several times a day to chat and eat. He tells us about his outside adventures, and I tell him about the pleasures of being an inside cat. He’ll have his own post in a few weeks.

Some might say I’m the favored child – it’s true I am! ?… I’m adorable and I behave myself – mostly. I have been known to hide up in the basement rafters when there’s an oil technician in our home (see photo).

Me in the rafters

I also on occasion give my human a heart condition when she can’t find me because I’ve found the latest and greatest spot to take a quick nap. For example, one of the bedrooms is usually closed because of my sister’s “accidents” when she was a kitten. Well, last night, the door to that bedroom was left *open* because that’s where the laundry is kept & our human was doing the laundry. I took this amazing opportunity to leap on top of this huge, 6ft tall, Ikea dresser & take a nap in the Ikea bag that’s got a soft, plush comforter inside. About a half hour must have gone by when human started looking everywhere for me. Eventually, I heard my name and perked up an ear, and she screamed my name and “thank God” a bunch of times… I could tell she wanted to hug me and give me a big smooch, but I was too high up… I took an IOU and got my smooch later on. ?

I do get rewarded with perks like extra treats, I get taken out safely to the backyard in the nice weather (see photo). Snuggling with my human also helps, as she LOVES this & I get the added perk of sleeping on the big bed. These perks do make my siblings, ahem… jealous


Well, that’s about it for now folks… I see Pumpkin’s about to hit Jasper, so I have to get going and separate those two – Pumpkin bullies him & she doesn’t like it when he reciprocates – What a day!



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