New Additions!

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Hi everyone,
I decided to take the time on this sunny day to introduce myself and tell everyone about the new additions to our family! We have now welcomed Max, Maple, Rocky, and Milo!

Max is Mom’s favorite boy as he’s a big-time snuggler! He’s a panther with a heart of gold and was rescued from the neighborhood. He unfortunately lost his sister to a coyote, which is why Mom made sure to trap him and introduce him to “indoor cat life”. Max has adapted well… too well in my opinion, ahem… He doesn’t even want to venture outside anymore, and he enjoys being Mom’s #1.

Maple and Rocky were found by our Dad under cars at a job site in Far Rockaway, NY. They were about 4 weeks old and had been abandoned by their biological mother. Maple is a calico and Rocky is a brown tabby. It was during a 100+ degree heat wave and Maple had been crying. My Dad heard her cries, grabbed her and put her in his air-conditioned car. She kept crying, so he looked around and Rocky was under another car. After Rocky was also placed into the car, Maple finally stopped crying and they both huddled together in a box until they arrived at their new home, where they enjoyed a nice dinner. They were brought to the vet the next day and the vet said they would not have survived outside much longer. They were dehydrated and needed baths. Maple likes to tell Rocky that she saved his life 🙂 Rocky ironically thinks that he’s biologically related to another older tabby that had already been rescued, Milo (not a chance since they were miles apart from each other)….

Milo is still a bit feral. He was rescued after he had been waiting under our catio deck around meal times. There is a window by our laundry room that he used to come up to and stare inside at the cats that were there. Milo enjoys being fed by humans, but his besties and those he trusts most are definitely felines, specifically Jasper (the neurological cat), and Rocky.

So that’s the latest news with our purrfect pack! Speak to you again soon!


P.S. This is me enjoying our catio. Aren’t I so handsome?

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